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Our Technology Services

Dematerialization Services

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Dematerialization is a term that describe the tendency for activity to require less materials with time.  For Business, it is used to describe the process to move paper document to digital format through digitalization. The concept of digitalization, synonymous with digitization of data, has benefited from the developments linked to recent technology transformations.


Today, the concept is based on a more globalizing basis that can be summarized as follows: Upgrading businesses for the systematic use of digital technologies and social media......

Taxonomy Services

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Taxonomy is a practice in which objects are arranged and classified to provide order.  Something that is now being utilized within document management solutions to streamline an organization’s workflow. 


The term ‘taxonomy’ comes from the Greek, and it literally means ‘arrangement method. Global Bridge offers document management taxonomy services available to assist clients with

industry-leading electronic Library setup and configuration to facilitate document archiving, search and workflow solutions ...

 Workflow Services

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Automated workflow, a key component of business process management, is a powerful tool for translating an organization’s collaborative vision into real-world business applications with clear and measurable paybacks.

The primary goal of an effective workflow management process is to streamline the components of various office systems by reducing/eliminating unnecessary tasks (and the often high costs associated with the performance of those tasks) and then automating the remaining tasks in a process.....


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