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Taxonomy is a practice in which objects are arranged and classified to provide order; something that is now being utilized within document management solutions to streamline an organization’s workflow. 

The term ‘taxonomy’ comes from the Greek, and it literally means ‘arrangement method. Global Bridge offers document management taxonomy services available to assist clients with  industry-leading electronic Library setup and configuration to facilitate document archiving, search and workflow solutions related to DocuXplorer management software.

Our document management taxonomy consultants are equipped with the skills necessary to design and implement solutions to DocuXplorer client concerns and to help clients optimize their document management strategy.

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While our document management taxonomy consulting services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client, the following are examples of the types of consultations we offer :

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Customized Set-Up :

Global Bridge’s virtual cabinets and folders are pre-configured to conform with your firm’s organizational structure and workflow procedures, before you begin to import documents. 

Based on your needs, a file structure can be set up for an entire firm or for an individual function or department to facilitate finding the right information at the right time.

Analysis :

Your library configuration and indexing are analyzed so you can get the most out of DocuXplorer system.  Recommendations focus on suggestions for facilitating document input and search results.

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Search Clinic :

Learn more about how search works within DocuXplorer and what can be done to enhance search results throughout your firm. Your new or current indexing practices are reviewed against a sampling of actual searches.  Recommendations are formulated to suggest adjustments which will enhance
search precision.

Records Management :

Use DocuXplorer to facilitate compliance with your firm’s records retention guidelines. Have the DocuXplorer index sets updated so they can be used to track key review and action dates dictated by your records management policy.

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