KN95 Protective Masks (Non-Medical) 12pcs/Box-4 boxes minimum for Free Shipping

KN5 Mask. 12pcs/Box -Price: $38.00/Box (Free shipping - 4 boxes minimum)  

- Filters out Dust, Bacteria, SMoke & Pollen.

- 5 Layers of Protection

- Ultra-Comfort

- HealthCare (Non-Medical Use)

- Easy to Breathe Through

- High Density Protection

- Soft, Non-Irrritating, Odorless, Fiberglass Free

KN95 Protective Masks (Non-Medical) 12pcs/Box-4 boxes minimum for Free Shipping

SKU: 24942020000
  • Brand: DYCROL

    Product Name: KN95 Protective Face Masks (Non-Medical) .

    Material: 1 Non-woven Fabric. 2, Melt-Blown Fabric. 3. Melt-Blown Fabric. 4. Electrostatic Filtration Cotton. 5. Non-Woven Fabric

    Application: Non-Medical Healthcare use, Home Health use, Personal use, Food Processing and aother Personal Protection


    • This masks can be uses for respiratory protection of certain oily particle (Dust, pollen and other types of dust and non-volatiile fog and other air pollutants)
    • This product cannot be used for hypoxy environments
    • This product cannot be use for protectivefiltering of toxic gases and vapors
    • Mask pollution, dammage, ageing, failure, etc... need to be replaced with a new mask
    • Childreen must be used under the guidance of an adult. Please keep in a safe place to avoid accidents


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